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The-News App Umano Launches on Android

News is the engine of the modern world. People want to read about what happened around, and the majority of us read the newspaper, whether we are talking about a real newspaper or about an online edition before anything else. If you are one of those persons that want to be in touch with everything that happens, you probably have some news applications installed on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. For this matter, Umano is exactly what you need.

Umano is a streaming article portal for iPhones and iPads, and it brings something different, compared with what is offered by other services of this kind. You need to sign up, but you can do this easily with your Facebook account. You will be welcomed with the latest news posted here, articles gathered from a large number of reliable resources. You can find articles from The Economist, new ideas and news from all over the world.


Umano reads the articles for you in a friendly way. Somehow, the “metallic” voice which is so annoying for the majority of listeners was eliminated, and now it seems like the news are read by a real person near you. It is like listening to the live TV anchor, not as if you would listen some newbie talking into a web microphone.

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If you want to add your own content to Umano, you will have to wait for a while, until somebody at Umano is available to read your article. Sometimes, it might need a few minutes, but the waiting time can be about 10 hours or more. The major disadvantage here is that, if you were writing news, you would probably want them posted and read immediately, as if the news needs 10 hours to be published on the platform, it would probably be old.

The articles can be of many areas. You can read entertaining articles, geeky, economic and inspirational pieces. The categories are original, divided into interests, making it easy and fun for readers to find exactly what they need.


It is also possible to create playlists from articles, which is great if you want to go on a long trip or if you are one of those persons that like to stay in bed while hearing the latest news.

As for the sources of Umano, you can find The Wall Street Journal, the Times and the Forbes, as well as other sources of this type. You can select only the articles from a certain source, which is another interesting feature.

As any application needs to be socially integrated, Umano offers you the possibility to post the articles directly on your Facebook accounts, or to see what other articles are posted by your friends. Whenever you want to share an article with somebody, you can use the widgets of the program to send the respective content directly to the person you need.

As a conclusion, Umano is the perfect tool for your reading needs, for iPhone and iPad. It has all the features needed for a program of this kind, and you will discover it as pretty handy and useful

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