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Top Ecommerce Plugins for WordPress

When it comes to master platform for blogging, WordPress is all that could strike up our minds. With some excellent plugins, WordPress is also performing great as an eCommerce platform. WordPress is ultimately easy to use without having to code every time to edit and add elements on your site. Anything that is coding is replaced by making few clicks on WordPress. Even if you want to add some new features, you can get it done with the help of plugins. WordPress offers a plenty of eCommerce plugins, which makes it extremely easy for running an eCommerce website successfully. Here are some of the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress.


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WP eCommerce is a free plugin that exclusively helps in adding a shopping cart to your blog in an easy and effective way. The plugin supports various payment options like Google checkout and Paypal. There are also a few social marketing tools which can be integrated with the plugin through which you can get connected to Facebook market place and much more. The only major difficulty faced in this plugin is you can’t customize an invoice and it needs maintenance.


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This amazing free plugin for wordpress is a full shopping cart eCommerce system that is easy to install, customize and maintain. The plugin makes use of Ajax with which your entire site will be accessed fast with reduced reload occurrences..

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eShop is again a best eCommerce system for wodpress, which is free and simple to use. The admin area of the plugin comes with options for easy addition of products, reviewing them and checking stats. Payment options are also quite convincing, which make eShop a very good cart.


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Shopp is an absolute cart plugin for WordPress which holds its excellence in price. The price rates starts from $55. On purchase, you will be getting a single license for the software and also you can shop extra plugins such as payment gateways, shipping modules and priority for support. This plugin is easy to use and install. On comparing to free plugins, you’ll certainly feel spending bucks on a plugin like shopp is really worthy.


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Cart66 (formerly known as PHP purchase) is an absolute WordPress eCommerce plugin that lets you sell either digital goods and subscriptions. Cart66 includes Amazon S3 integration which allows you to easily deliver digital downloads to your customers. Cart66 also lets you set up your own merchant accounts and gateway services. Cart66 doesn’t have a storefront, but allows you to drop products into any WordPress page or post on your site.


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This is a paid eCommerce plugin that costs $49 for standard edition and $99 for the pro version. PHPurchase is also easy to use, install, maintain and customize. In addition to the most common payment gateways, it also accepts a few more payment gateways including PayPal Website Payments Standard, PayPal Website Payments Professional, PayPal Express Checkout, eProcessing Network, Chase Paymentech, Quantum Gateway and


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WP Auctions is an completely revolutionary plugin which allows you to auction anything on your website. You can create your own auction and register your plugin on the WP auctions live page which will generate traffic for your website. A host can create as many of the auctions and he can intends to. But you can receive your payment only via Pay Pal.


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YAK Plugin is an unbeatable option for you. If you already have an online retail presence and want to create a blog to make sure your customers are constantly updated about the latest products and services offered by you. This is one of the open-source shopping plugin which allows you to categorization of products and services and it gives you the users a pool of multiple payment options.


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ArtPal is another type of WP plugin for selling online. This plugin is originally created for the artists to sell their art work online through their own blogs and their websites. Whoever can seamlessly integrate his/her Pay Pal account with this plugin and leave the rest on this plugin. Using this plugin yo can update real sales time as soon as your product is sold and it will be excluded from your catalogue.


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This Minicart provides you a button which can be easily embedded in to the blogs and websites to accept payments or even request solutions. It will be very helpful whenever if you shared across the internet via RSS. It allows to each and every blog entry to act as its your own mini store.

If you really want to rely on an eCommerce solution that integrates well with your content management needs, then picking one or more of the above mentioned plugins would certainly make a difference.

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