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Top Eight Books Every Logo Designer Should Read

Making a logo might apparently sound as an easy job, but in reality it involves lot of planning and effort. It does not happen that a painter takes his paintbrush and colour palette or a graphic designer takes his computer-keyboard and mouse and designs whatever comes in mind. A logo must involve company’s central message in a small space in unique and simplified way. Logo designers must be extremely creative, imaginative, intelligent and skilful. They should be able to understand their customers’ need, mission and goal of the company and must be able to assess the target audience group. If you have an artistic inclination, and you are able to convey your message in a most beautiful and imaginative way, you can make a successful logo designer. A good logo designer should be aware of ever-changing commercial market, and the change of daily requirement of the user group. There are many books available in market, which provide lot of information about logo designing. Here is a brief introduction to eight bestseller books about logo reviews. You can select one or more from them to gain more knowledge about logo designing..

1. Logo Design that Works


Logo Design that Works: Secrets for Successful Logo Design

This is the oldest book (2001) available in market about logo designing. This book analyzes hundred famous logos and explains how they were designed and why are they so popular? This book is still very useful for the analytical information it provides.

2. Logo Savvy


Logo Savvy: Top Brand Design Firms Share their Naming and Identity Strategies

This is an interesting book about the secret strategies about naming and identity of world-famous brands. The book is intriguing in a way as it provides information about the timeframe and methods to develop the logos and also about the implementation of their strategies.

3. Really Good Logos Explained


Really Good Logos Explained: Top Design professionals Critique 500 Logos and Explain What Makes them Work

In this book, the most successful and renowned logo-designers like Rian Hughes, Margo Chase, Alex W. White and Ron Miriello analyze and criticize over 500 popular logos. They explain elaborately how to develop best of the logos. Most interestingly, the book has a section showing bad logos also, and indicating what to avoid.

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4. Marks of Excellence


Marks of Excellence

Here the author discusses about the logos of renowned corporate brands. The history of the logos and the psychology and methodology to develop those are stated in detail.

5. Tres Logos


Tres Logos

This book showcases over 4000 logos which are not traditional but very inspiring. If you are looking for designing corporate logo, this might not be a proper place to look at.

6. Designing Brand Identity


Designing Brand Identity: A Complete Guide to Creating, Building and Maintaining Strong Brands

The book comprises of three different sections, Perception, which is about fundamentals, Process and Practice, which are all about case studies. This book is different from rest as it discusses about the detailed strategies of all companies, from smaller ones to the largest.

7. Logo Design


Logo Design: A Hands-On Guide to Creating Logos

This is a complete workbook about logo designing and first in its kind in a way that it covers all the elementary aspects about graphic designing. This also focuses on technical-know-how of logo designing and making it a market-success. In the first part of the book, the authors describe every detail about logo designing and take the reader through a detailed step-by-step process to get knowledge about minute detailing like colour selection, typefaces and many more. They also analyze the common mistakes often made by logo designers. The second part of the book consists of interviews of successful logo designers, which is very inspiring for those who are new in this field. This section also talks about many famous logos, which have shaped the history of logo-designing art.

8. Smashing Logo Design


Smashing Logo Design: The Art of Creating Visual Identities

This book contains new twists as it reviews on the impact of logo on market and human mind. The book depicts some real case studies that describe the A to Z of logo designing procedure, starting from the very initial requisition of clients to the final delivery of logos. The book is an interesting showcase of 400 logos, which earned amazing popularity. There is also an enriched appendix in this book that has an overview about current logo designing companies, their history and future.

There are many more books which come useful to the logo designers for various purposes. You have to select one according to your requirement. However, the above mentioned eight books are good read for those who are new in this industry or are already settled as logo designers.

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