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Ultimate Collection of Joomla Themes

Joomla is one of the most favored open-source CMS which is called second democratic CMS in the world. Nowadays most people use and like the joomla-based themes, because a different collection of Joomla responsive themes is available for joomla platforms with powerful designs. There are multiple eye-catching designs, various price ranges and options which tempt visitors to use joomla themes

Joomla thems

Here is the biggest collection of joomla responsive themes mentioned below. If you want joomla theme in your website or blog, chose the best responsive theme in your website form this list. These lists are very helpful to your business websites because the whole themes are built with powerful designs, latest version 3.0, and HTML 5 support to create a beautiful website or blog.

Joomla Video Theme  – Like Youtube Theme Mode

1.Joomla Video Theme

Youtheme is one of the powerful video themes for joomla-based websites which play the videos using HD VideoShare Script. It allows you to promote your services and products through video service.

Main Joomla Video Template Features:

  • Support HD VideoShare Script
  • 100% Css-based Designs
  • Social Sharing Icons
  • Multiple Browsers Compatible
  • Different Module Positions

Live Demo  :  Direct Download

Abrax Joomla Template

2.Abrax Joomla Template

Abrax is a beautiful joomla template based on Gantry framework which supports version 2.5. The template provides unlimited color, 12 columns and 40 modules. It supports all kinds of mobile devices like iPhone, Android, and Smartphones.

Impotant Abrax Theme Features:

  • Two Types of Slideshows
  • Mulitple Gride System
  • Create on Photo Gallery Style
  • Inaegrate Google Map
  • Include PSD Files

Live Demo  :    Direct Download

Esport Joomla Premium Theme

3.Esport Joomla Premium Theme

E-Sport theme helps sport-based websites. Using this theme we can built eCommerce online store very easily in a few seconds. It is compatible with joomla 2.5 and 3.0 template.

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Important ESport Theme Features:

  • k2 Component
  • Support Virtuemart
  • Support Mobile Devices
  • Social Sharing Icons
  • SEO Friendly

Live Demo   :   Direct Download

Globbers – Download Free

4.Globbers - Download Free

A Globbers themes is a beautiful design theme developed by Globers which gives to lot of features to joomla platform websites. It’s one of the free templates that is built very easily in your site.

Important GlobbersTheme Features:

  • Simple Design
  • Multi Colors Support
  • Support Two Columns
  • Sideshow Effect
  • SEO Friendly

Live Demo   :   Direct Download

JM-Bio-Store Premium Theme

5.JM-Bio-Store Premium Theme

Bio-store provides a lot of features for joomla platform. Use this theme to impress visitors as it comprises powerful design and Eco-friendly feature. It’s compatible with virtuemart and joomla 2.5 version.

Important Bio Store Theme Features:

  • Support Two Layouts
  • Support Five Template Color
  • Lightweight
  • Multi browser Compatible
  • Css Style Files

Live Demo   :    Direct Download

Fashion – Responsive Joomla Template

6.Fashion - Responsive Joomla Template

This fashion theme is built on fully wrap theme framework developed under Themeforest. It’s fully responsive and adds unique look to joomla websites. We can easily create fashion-oriented websites  with Portfolio, Blog Site, Business Portffolio, etc.

Important Fashion Theme Features:

  • Fully Responsive Theme
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Multiple Extension Compatible

Live Demo  :  Direct Download

JA Quartz –  Fashion Show Theme

7.JA Quartz - Fashion Show Theme

JA Zinc is a beautiful joomla theme developed by Joomlart, that offers high-quality fashion design and slideshow effects. This theme helps fashion and modeling websites.

Important JA Quartz Features:

  • 100% Css Based Design
  • Seven Color Options
  • Three Columns Layouts
  • Compatible Joomla 1.5
  • SEO Friendly

Live Demo   :    Direct Download

Joomla Electronics StoreTemplate

8.Joomla Electronics StoreTemplate

It’s one of the powerful designs and seo-friendly template supports multiple features to users such as mulitple colors, visual effects and sharing networks. This theme integrates joomla shopping extension and it is joomla 2.5.6 compatible.

Main Electronic Store Theme Features:

  • Joomla Shooping Integrate
  • Psd-based design Files
  • Multi Browser Support
  • CSS 2.0
  • SEO Friendly

Live Demo    :      Direct Download

ZTota – Portfolio Joomla Theme

9.ZTota - Portfolio Joomla Theme

ZTOta theme is powerful designes with all kinds of purpose. It provides quality designs, unique template with consistent typography and fresh design.

Important ZTota Theme Features:

  • 100% Css-based
  • Native Joomla 2.5
  • Mobile Deveices Compatible
  • Support Virtuemart
  • Mulitble Browser Compatible

Live Demo     :    Direct Download

BT Responsive Photography Theme

10.BT Responsive Photography Theme

Bt Photography is an awesome responsive joomla theme developed by Bowthemes. It has provide six colors and different module positions. You can easily built beautiful portfolio with background slideshow and portfolio component use this joomla theme.

Important BT Theme Features:

  • Three Framework
  • Support Six Themes Colors Support
  • Awesome Portfolio Layout
  • Multi Browser Support
  • CSS Validate

Live Demo    :    Direct Download

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