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Unique Examples of Artwork Using Fingers

Hands and fingers are the finest belongings of every human born on this world. With hands and fingers, human created pleasant arts that shine within the human historical past. They’re fairly exceptional, however can they be artistic as well? It’s tough to answer this variety of questions with a no, peculiarly in this technological age, when the whole thing can probably emerge as an artwork with the would of creativity and the vigor of the Photoshop.

Here we feature the 10 unique examples of artwork using fingers. We haven’t limited the post to certain kind of artwork. It includes structures and objects made of fingers, paint art and some more cool stuff

Unique Examples of Artwork Using Fingers

1. Aku Face

aku face

Image Source: Unknown

2. Finger Food

Finger food

Image Source

3.  Face

face or hands optical illusions

Image Source: Unknown

4. Finger Love

Finger love by iPac13

Image Source

Finger Punk Love by LW PUNK

Image Source

5. AT&T Commercial Series

hand art big ben england

hand art china

hand art fish coral

hand art egypt

hand art bridge

Image Source

6. Soccer Players


Image Source: Unknown

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Image Source: Unknown

8. Finger Framed Heaven

Finger Framed Paradise by hollywoodjesus

Image Source

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