Upcoming Web Design Trends 2015 You Can’t Afford to Miss

With each passing year, new web design trends 2015 start gaining recognition by web designers across the world. Though, there’s an exact formula that can help you create a perfect design, but the web trends provides recognizable patterns that can help you make it big in the design industry.

Last year, we saw a lot of web design trends surfacing the web such as: flat design, background images and videos, grid-style layouts and many more. Wondering which trends you can’t expect to miss out in 2015? Well, then reading this post will help you get an answer to your question in the most effective manner possible.

Below are three of the most discernible and important web design trends of 2015 that cannot be ignored:

MobileGeddon is “Here”

For the last few years, Google has been making efforts to improving mobile usability. And as a part of this effort, Google released a mobile-friendly update on April 21st this year, according to which mobile-friendliness of a site will serve as the ranking signal. While the update won’t affect desktop websites, but it will have significant impact on the search results of websites featuring mobile-friendly layout. Put it simply, if you’re running a mobile-ready site than it need to be truly mobile-friendly.

Fortunately, Google has provided a “mobile-friendly testing toolthat will help you evaluate the responsiveness of your site. Here’s a screenshot of the result you’ll get using this tool:


So, if you run a responsive site, then it will become essential for you to make sure that your site matches Google’s mobile-friendly update or not. To help you accomplish this goal, Google provides many useful resources such as:

Getting Rid of Unwanted Design Elements

Thinking that adding a good number of design elements will make the website more interactive and attention-grabbing is a wrong notion. In fact, adding unwanted elements can make your site confusing for first time users, and even make the site load slowly. Remember that the new-generation users want quick access to the information they want, and too many elements can make the design messy and difficult to understand.

However, creating a simple and easy to navigate website design that helps users find the required information without much hassle will gain prominence. So, rather than focusing on adding lots of images, sophisticated design elements, etc., you will have to pay attention to making your design more usable. For doing so, you will need to concentrate on creating a design that features a simple and clean layout.

In a nutshell, instead of design-heavy web design the one focusing on clarity will make you stand out from the crowd.

Adding Touch Gestures in Web Design

You can still see a lot of websites that are created keeping desktop users in mind. However, with the rapid increase in the use of Smartphones, touch screens seem to have started replacing desktops. And so, the need for targeting touch screen users is on a rise. And thus, to meet the needs of mobile user, developers will have to update their skill set and focus on creating designs aimed at touch-device users.


What’s more? The popularity of games and other native mobile applications is growing at a steady rate. All these factors indicate that in the near future more touch gestures will be added in sites. Here are a few tips, you can consider when designing web designs for touch devices:

  • Avoid relying on hover-states for a touch device, instead pay heed to including actions that make a user ‘tap’ or ‘zoom’ the device screen.
  • Make use of large-size buttons for touch devices with small displays.
  • Since users switch from portrait to landscape orientation when using touch-screen devices, you need to ensure that your design will work for both of these orientations.
  • Make sure that only relevant information is displayed to mobile users. For instance, you make the navigation items hidden from the mobile version of your website.

Let’s Wrap Up!

 Do you wish to create a website that helps give you an edge among your competitors? Well, then it is important for you to learn about the latest web design trends that are making a buzz in the online world. Although, several web design trends have emerged in 2015, however, we’ve covered 3 of the most important ones that you might have missed out.

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