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Want to Master the Art of HTML 5 Coding? Follow these Resources

HTML 5 without a shred of doubt is the next big thing. Though not all browsers are HTML 5 friendly at this present moment, its popularity has gained momentum and for that reason, you need to master the art of developing a website with HTML 5 and CSS3. Well, I know that HTML 5 coding is the new kid around the block and you are still struggling to get your hands on it. So, don’t lose your sleep over it if you are finding it overwhelmingly difficult because here we are going to share some immensely useful resources that can help you a lot in the learning curve –


Dive into HTML 5

This ebook is the most authentic and up-to-date one that you can fall back on. It abundantly illustrates the new features of HTML5 that you are not aware of it and by following the instructions as inscribed there, you will get an idea how to use these features to facilitate the web development process. The best part of this ebook is that it gets regularly updated by members and fellow developers and that means, you would not have to worry about facing broken links or obsolete information.

HTML5 doctor

HTML5 Doctor

This is my personal favorite because it has contains materials for both the advanced learners and beginners. Here you will find all information about individual HTML 5 element and at the same time, you will get updated information in the form of latest articles on HTML 5 from this website. And if you have got any question, you can get answer to that also via Ask the Doctor. Your inquiry will be answered by trusted and reliable professionals.


HTML5 Visual Cheat Sheet

If you are looking for some sort of visual inspiration, this is it. This is basically a cheat sheet that contains almost all the HTML 5 tags and their associated properties.

A Web Developer’s Guide to HTML 5

A Web Developer’s Guide to HTML 5

This document will let you explore the power of HTML5 without meddling with its complexities. This book is written for both novices and advanced web developers and focus has always been about simplicity. This is a practical handbook for all developers out there who want to make the most of HTML 5.

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When can I use…

This is by and large a cheat sheet of compatibility for CSS3 and HTML5. So, with this sheet, you will not have to muddle with the compatibility issues.

HTML5 gallery

HTML5 Gallery

Hopefully, you have got enough information about HTML and its technicalities. Now, it is time for some creative inspiration. Browse this website and you will find enough creative juice flowing around there. This site contains some of the finest website coded in HTML5.

SitePoint’s HTML5 and CSS3 Tutorials

SitePoint has got this beastly beauty and this too for free. All you got to do is to part with your email address and you will get link to a downloadable version of this ebook that contains almost everything you need to master the art of developing a website with CSS3 and HTML5.

SitePoint's HTML5 and CSS3 Tutorials

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