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What Makes A Blog Theme Desirable?

The bloggers are really rich! They no more belong to the class of petty writers one could imagine 10 years back, who struggled bridging the resources to somehow make one end say hello to the other. The wise people call it making the ends meet, but no, not for the bloggers, they make these ends meet forming 10 loops comfortably, and then thinking about what to do with the extra string at hand!

Take a moment to look carefully at the ‘theme’ of such a blogger’s post that he posted most recent. You will find something very special, very unique there. If his blogs are the reason of his fame and success, there is surely something else beyond just the content. The chances are, the appropriate theme is responsible for the popularity of the blog.


Impressive And Apt:

This is the basic step. A strong blog with no theme, or an unimpressive one, is likely not to win attention while the reader comes across the blog for the very first time. So, make sure this part is taken care of. An impressive theme gives an image that the content is going to be equally good and creative. That the writer or the blogger is creative in mind and whatever is being provided is going to be very unique and different.

And this impressive theme is bound to be apt as well. It should blend well with the content and must look like an integral part of the blog itself.

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For example, how about a background with the wild animals, when writing about night safari?? Or the cool image of sea beach and coconut trees in the background, while writing about a trip to Hawaii?


Advertising Spaces:

For all those serious bloggers, who take blogging as their prior business, and want to earn a substantial income out of their writing. Once, it is clear that your blog has a strong content, and that users wait for you to come up with the next one, it gets demanding that you make use of the advertising to boost up the earnings. Have the advertisement space in your selected theme, and call for the advertisers who are willing to pay for the space. You will be surprised to witness how many of them queue up for such a thing!


Ease Of Navigation:

Definitely, a theme with the easier navigation options is many times preferable, over those with the navigation options hidden, or falling under the sub-navigation categories. Often, a reader wants to try various tabs once he is done with the blog, and in case he liked it much, that he wishes he could read more. The navigation tabs then come in handy and such themes record a higher number of clicks, in terms of user views.


Make The Sidebars Relevant:

These are immediately onto the viewer’s notice, after the main content. The sidebars are extremely important, and it is up to the blogger to turn these into something relevant and precious. Make the maximum use of the sidebars, and make sure that the words appearing on these are compelling enough for the reader to delve deeper.


Search Engine Optimized:

This is where most of the blogs fail, as they do not qualify the SEO indexing conditions, and fall way back during the query on the search engine. Let us understand here, how does a search engine work??

The query submitted to the search engine, is taken to the sever, where the keywords are taken and matched against the submitted documents. These documents are based at the document server. However, there is an indexing priority that is followed while showing the results on the browser. For example, Google makes a search based on the title first, and the embedded links next. So, if the important keywords are titled, or sub-titled, or hyperlinked, the document stands better chances of being seen.

According to this, there are themes that qualify very well, while judged on the SEO criterion. Such themes are preferable over the others that may be attractive, but not optimized to the needed extent.

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