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When Shopping For Furniture, The Difference is in the Details

Earlier this year, “The Atlantic” published an article about the various factors that are causing people to buy homes at a less frequent rate than they once were. Things such as more single people, and a general struggle to find steady employment were just two of the possible reasons why the article’s author mentioned that home ownership levels have been declining since the 1980s.

Fortunately though, homeownership is no longer as much as a status symbol as it once was. Whether you own or rent, it’s possible to create a welcoming environment that displays your personality, simply by carefully choosing a comfy sofa or sectional.


Handy Features for Your Guests

What’s your ideal way to spend some free time? Do you prefer to be alone, curled up with a good book, or would you rather be more social? This is something to think about when shopping for furniture. Even if you live by yourself, try purchasing a roomy sofa or sectional so you can have space for gatherings among friends.

Also, consider how often you invite overnight guests into your home. Some sectional sofas are a sleeper variety, so that they can be easily pulled out to make a bed. These are a step above other options such as simply placing a pillow and blanket on top of a regular couch, yet they can be bought at reasonable prices. At first glance, they look identical to standard sectionals, too.


The Framework

If possible, find out about the framework of a sofa or sectional that you’re interested in. Usually, the frames are made of wood, and if they’re well constructed, they’ll last for decades. On the other hand, poor quality frames may need to be replaced in as little as five years.

Also, find out if the frame’s wood has been chemically treated, or kiln-dried. The latter process makes the furniture slightly more expensive, but is a good investment, because kiln drying helps the furniture withstand warping if it’s used in humid environments.

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The Support System

Comfort is a huge consideration for anyone who is shopping for a sofa, and it’s a characteristic that has a lot to do with the furniture’s internal extras. Usually, things like springs and webbing help create that feeling of support that you get when you perch on a sofa. Many include a system that features coiled springs anchored from as many as eight points, and hand-tied into place.

This precise method helps people feel supported when they shift positions. So, if you buy a sofa that has this type of inner structure, you can look forward to a lounging space that’s uniformly comfortable no matter which part you’re sitting on, or how long you stay.


The Edges

It might seem insignificant at first, but some features related to the sofa’s corners can play a role in the overall durability of the furniture. Ideally, each edge should be wrapped with some sort of padding. This protects any fabric pieces that come into direct contact with the edges, and helps to guard against fraying and rips.

The next time you go shopping for a sofa, remember that although the more visible characteristics such as a color and size are important, they shouldn’t outweigh the less noticeable, but still-important parts.

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