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10 Breath-taking Stained Glass Windows

Since ancient times, stained glass window has been a distinctive and impressive art form. Initially used to illustrate Bible stories for the illiterate masses of the Middle Ages, stained glass is now most commonly found in windows. Although not restricted to Europe, the early 19th century saw a revival of the art form in churches across Britain and France, with it moving to other European countries towards the end of the century. Nowadays, whether in a religious building, a bar or a home, stained glass windows have the potential to be awe-inspiring and truly spectacular works of art.

We at Made to Measure Blinds, a supplier of quality custom blinds, know a good stained glass window when we see one; here we take a look at some of the most breathtaking from around the globe.

Sainte-Chapelle, France

St Chapelle Stained Glass Window

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Located in the heart of Paris, Saint-Chapelle may not be one of the most well-known attractions the city has to offer but it is certainly one of the most spectacular, boasting some of the most impressive stained glass in Gothic architecture. Famed for its 16 stunning designs, ranging from a large rose to depictions of The Passion of Christ and scenes from the book of Genesis, the 13th century masterpiece continues to attract tourists, architects and worshipers in their droves.

Resurrection Mausoleum, Illinois, US

Resurrection Mausoleum Stained Glass Window

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Measuring over 22,000 sq. ft., this window is the largest glass installation in the world, even holding a Guinness World Record.  Amongst the 2,448 panels are depictions of stories from the Bible, which visitors are able to follow around the building in chronological order. As well as these traditional scenes, there are also some that are more unexpected, including those containing dinosaurs, skyscrapers, atomic explosions and even a reference to NASA, marrying together the traditional and the modern.

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