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10 Outstanding and Beautiful E-Commerce Website Designs


Greats - eCommerce Website

Greats use big product images to impress shoppers and these are displayed in a grid style. The idea is to use strong photography to give online shoppers a sense of product texture and quality. The tour-de-force of the website is the product pages that very beautifully and functionally offer tangible product information.

My Own Bike

My Own Bike - eCommerce Website

The USP of My Own Bike is that it allows customers to design their own single speed fixed gear bikes. The site is minimalist, has a soothing color palette and it’s really very easy to use. Design is used as a means of offering the next level of UI and UX that makes personalizing the bike, a walk in the park. Form is used to enhance and ease function, that’s the takeaway from this site.


DSTLD Jeans - eCommerce Website

The first thing you see on the DSTLD Jeans website is lots of white space. In fact, white is the leit motif of the design. It’s a text book example of using a lot of white space and yet making a solid visual impression on the shoppers. The use of white ensures a clean and uncluttered website design, which is something that all sites need to emulate.

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