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10 Outstanding and Beautiful E-Commerce Website Designs

Today, a website is usually the first point of contact between customers and sellers. It is a branding tool, sales assistant, sales counter, visiting card and more, all rolled into one. This is the reason why the design of an eCommerce website is of paramount importance. You cannot afford to take any chances with it. It needs to be visually appealing, user friendly and must offer a hassle free browsing experience. It also needs to be able to communicate effectively with your target audience and get across the message of your brand in a manner that is self-explanatory and credible.

Now, you might be thinking, “That’s too much to expect from one site!” But that’s how it is in the cut throat world of eCommerce. It’s only visually and functionally rich sites that are able to break through the clutter and impress their target audience.

Let’s take a look at ten eCommerce sites whose designs are doing all this and whole lot more; they are truly inspirational.

Whipping Post

Whipping Post - eCommerce Website

What makes a good eCommerce site? It is a site whose design focuses on showcasing the inherent beauty of the products it is selling and Whipping Post does just that. It uses a combination of striking photography, minimalist design and tasteful typography to create a positive impact on the minds of target shoppers.

Bob’s Watches

Bob's Watches - eCommerce Website

There is a reason why this site finds a place in the list in spite of its really simple looks. The fact is an eCommerce website doesn’t really have to be visually breathtaking in order to work. This one wins full marks for its purposeful design. Bob’s Watches is a buyer and seller of Rolex watches and the site’s primary purpose is to act as a facilitator of this buying and selling process, and act as online Rolex exchange. Its design is skewered towards usability rather than beauty (although the website’s simplicity does looking appealing). This, in effect, is also the mark of an effectively designed eCommerce website.


NovosBED - eCommerce Website

Take a look at the site. What is the first characteristic you can decipher? Credibility! is a web-only retailer of memory foam mattresses, something that people usually prefer to buy at brick-and mortar stores only. So, it was very important that the website’s design exuded trust, credibility and it does this with aplomb. A person who wants to buy a mattress will get all the info needed to make an informed buying decision. The website focuses on using design as a means of delivering credible information that can be accessed quickly and conveniently. This is where it scores big time.

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