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10 Outstanding and Beautiful E-Commerce Website Designs


Threadless - eCommerce Website

Talk about good eCommerce website designs and Threadless must be a part of your conversations. Not many website designs are able to visually represent the character of the brand, but the Threadless website tells you how it should be done. There is a bit of retro in the design and more than anything else the site is a riot of colors and illustrations.


Kutoa - eCommerce Website

There are sites that just give out a good vibe when you go through them; Kutoa is one of those sites. It is a bright, sunny and cheerful looking site that makes its point brilliantly well. The perfect use of large banner images, the flawless selection of colors and other good designing decisions make this a really worthwhile eCommerce site.

These ten sites are inspirational because they get a lot of things right, and very little wrong. More importantly, they have a UX that makes shopping quick and convenient. This is why they work.

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