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Different people have different requirements for their 2015 Calendar Designs. Some of them are choosy about the Calendar Color and Design and some of them need Eye catchy Beautiful 2015 calendar designs. Usually Businessperson will prefer to download printable Calendar so they can write on them the things they do not want to miss. In addition, their major requirement for 2015 calendar designs should look professional or at least it should give a presentable look in front of others senior or junior staff.

Calendar is also popular among females and housewives. They prefer to have colorful monthly calendar designs so that can paste it on the kitchen cabinet or in the room and plan the whole month. They usually mark day to day for their activities and plan their month accordingly.

Type of Calendar

Calendars are of many type but the two mostly used calendars are Gregorian and Hijri Calendar. Hijri calendar is use in the Gulf countries or you can say in the Arab countries. They follow Hijri year and all their occasions are according to Hijri Calendars. Currently they are in 1436. Gregorian Calendar are the calendars which European people follows.

Kinds of Calendar Design

There are different kinds of calendar design which fulfill everybody need. The most common calendar design of 2015 are

Yearly Designed Calendars

This kind of Calendar usually consist of Single Sheet with all the months mentioned. The designer design these Calendar according to the customer requirement and it can be printing on any size of paper/sheet they need.

Monthly Designed Calendars

Usually this is 12 Sheet Calendar of different size with different designs mostly used in offices and in the house as wall hanging. In this kind of Calendar design the designer use pictures according to the month.

Printable Weekly Designed Calendars

Mostly used by Businessperson or housewives for different purpose. Teacher at school use this kind of Calendar design to inform the mother about the full week activities in the school, so the mother can plan accordingly.

Printable Daily Planners

Usually used in offices by the secretaries and employees for managing their day-to-day tasks. This can be of any size depend on the requirement.

Pocket Size Calendar

Pocket Size Calendar design is very popular among kids. They usually love this kind of small calendars which they can always keep it in the pocket and show their friends the artwork and the design whenever they got a chance.

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