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30 Reasons behind WordPress Popularity

4) Ease of access:

You can enhance and modify the contents sitting at any corner of the word just having an internet connection.

5) Integration with social networking sites:

WordPress creates integration using its plugins with the sites, like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and makes a post to the sites that a new content has been added to your website.

6) Easy installation:

Installation of the WordPress is very simple. You can install it within 5 minutes without any trouble and start your journey with the amazing features of it. You do not need to be a technical expert to work with the platform.

7) Simple and free upgradation :

Upgrading to a more recent version of WordPress is also very simple and just a matter of click. Besides, the upgradation is fully free unlike some other website software (i.e Dreamwaver,Photoshop).

8) SEO friendly:

WordPress has a very strong SEO capability empowered by its plug-ins that helps to give a good ranking to your website online. For ranking websites, it uses its features, like permalinks and tools, like Yoast SEO plug-in to add meta tags. This would place your specialization promptly in front of the users and users can find out easily the web pages relevant to their search.

9) Improved security:

It offers more protection against hackers, bugs or other security issues. Hackers cannot break in to your website if the actual process to “hardening” a WordPress installation is followed. It is also strengthened on a regular basis by improving security measures and adding latest functionality.


10) Time saving:

WordPress saves your time by integrating with other social networking websites. You do not need to log in and individually post and share contents to each site.

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