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3D DIY Wall Painting Design Ideas to Decorate Home





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You should learn below Wall Painting Tip or Wall Painting Techniques so that you can make your own design. The below Wall Painting Techniques are nice and perfect to use. It means which color you should use for wall. I like using glaze on solid color. However I think a painter will like large scale paining, random quality of stroke and visual plays on shading.

1: To circumvent lap marks, roll the full-height of wall

2: Mix some cans of paint in a large bucket for a reliable color in the room

3: Let it dry then cut the adhesive tape loose for a picture-perfect edge

4: Paint on the trim then the ceiling, walls accordingly.

5: Prime and surface wall patches to change a blemished finish

6: Clean the surface, thus the paint can make strong bond

7: Roll the paint on corners for dependable texture (DIY Wall art)

8: Use clothes of cotton drop instead of plastic

9: Quill-out paint when you are not able to keep wet edges

10: Sand trimsin coats for an ultra-smooth finish

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