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Amazing Illustrations by Wee Yee Chong

We saw digital Illustrations every day in a form of mobile wallpapers, huge billboards across the street and in many other advertisements.These digital illustrations are produced with the use of digital tools such as Photoshop and illustrator by the digital art creator. Digital illustrations are different from digitally photo manipulation or digital photography because its is originally constructed from scratch.

Wee Yee Chong is one of the finest artist and painter I have ever seen. He is from Malaysia and he recently quit his job as a graphic designer and is now fully working as a freelance digital illustrator. I have read on his profile that he stated “I love to paint, it makes me feel alive when i am dead, cheerful when i am sad and uplifted when i am down.” You will definitely agree with me that he is one of his own kind once you saw his illustration below




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