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Cultural Variations in Mehndi Designs


Mehndi is used for multiple purposes. It is used to cure disorders and to apply on the body parts for looking beautiful. Ladies use the mehndi to use it on palm and arms at different occasions. In this year mean, Mehndi designs 2017 vary from culture to culture and region to region. Ladies of every culture apply different mehndi designs according to their culture. At the wedding event, special mehndi occasion is celebrated in which every lady takes part by apply mehndi designs on arms. Bridal in her wedding selects mehndi designs according to her choice and fashion trend. Variations in mehndi designs come due to the latest variable trends and styles.

Every girl loves to apply mehndi on the arms and palms. Western people apply it on their different body parts such as neck, legs, and back.

Types of Mehndi designs 2017

Several types of mehndi designs 2017 exist according to the culture. Arab, Indian, Pakistani, African and people from other regions apply it according to their cultural preference. Some of the types of mehndi designs are as follows:

  • Arabic mehndi designs
  • Indian mehndi designs
  • Pakistani mehndi designs
  • African mehndi designs

mehndi designs 2017

Arabic Mehndi Designs

These types of mehndi designs are much simpler and easy. They can be designed easily. Arabic mehndi designs generally consist of veins, leaves, and flowers. Different variations according to these basic elements can be applied to the hands and arms. These designs can be extended easily from hand to arm or foot to legs. One differentiating feature is that Arabic mehndi designs are not filled. Leaves, veins, and flowers are empty and consume less amount of mehndi. It requires less time to design the Arabic mehndi.

mehndi designs 2017

Indian Mehndi Designs

These mehndi designs are very popular in different cultures. They are very diverse in nature. Indian mehndi designs range from easy to complex. Simple Indian Mehndi designs mostly require dots and may possibly be a figure in the Center of palm and on the back of the hand. Simple Indian Mehndi designs are very easy to learn. They do not need too much attention to learning, and you can easy learn it in 2 or 3 attempts. Complex mehndi designs require a lot of effort to learn. You have to practice very much to learn to complex designs. These complex designs consist of very neat and unique features with stylish designs. They require very high time to apply. Indian mehndi designs are very popular and mostly applied on the wedding occasions in India. Bridals apply these designs on Nikah and Barat ceremony.

mehndi designs 2017

Pakistani Mehndi Designs

These mehndi designs are very complex. They are a mixture of Indian and Arabic mehndi designs. Detail designs are used in the Pakistani mehndi designs. These designs require much time to apply. Bridal use these designs for her wedding. Children also design the Pakistani mehndi designs on their hands and food on the Eid ceremony. You can learn Pakistani mehndi designs through the guidance of professionals and practice at your own.

African Mehndi Designs

African mehndi designs are simple just like the Arabic mehndi designs. These designs consist of the dots, square and lines. These are not filled with Arabic mehndi designs. Space between lines is greater than that in the Arabic mehndi designs.  You can learn African mehndi designs easily. We have a great resource on Mehndi Designs which we would love to share with you for your next event in 2017.

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