Make your Client’s Life Easy with WordPress Instruction Manuals

Today, many business owners and other people are using WordPress websites to promote their businesses with an objective to boost their online presence all around the world. In fact, most of the WordPress users want to understand how their WordPress site works as they don’t know much about this versatile CMS system.

However, teaching WordPress to new users or clients can be a very difficult task- especially for clients those want to know everything that you do for them. Of course, teaching each and every aspect of WordPress can be time-consuming, but, still, it is a primary responsibility of web developers or designers to meet the desired needs of their clients.

Thus, it will be better for you to build the WordPress Instruction Manuals that allows your clients to understand each and every element of their WordPress site quickly. Plus, a user-friendly and in-depth WordPress instruction manual enables your client to control their site, without any complication. Your easy WordPress install instruction manuals can make life easy for your clients who don’t have much knowledge about WordPress.

start with introduction

Easy WordPress Install Instruction Manuals

Here are some important tips that you should consider while creating your first WordPress User Manual.

  1. Start off with an Introductory Overview

In the very initial step, you need to put yourself as a new WordPress user someone who faces obstacles due to the technical side of the web. The scope will rely on the types of clients you work with, so you may want to invest some more time in writing down exactly what your client require from the manual guide.

Well, you can directly ask your clients what they want to learn, and then you can alter your manual according to their needs.

Or you can begin the manual with introducing the in-depth basics of WordPress. You can cover these topics:

What is WordPress?

What a user do with WordPress?

Why WordPress is a popular CMS platform?

Why anyone can learn WordPress?

What the beginner will learn about WordPress from the instructional manual?

What the new user will be able to understand and perform in WordPress upon viewing the instruction manual?

Try to explain these topics in a very simple and straightforward language or you can add few of the topics within your WordPress install instruction manuals.

  1. Divide the Fundamental WordPress Components into Sections

Proper composition of all the content of your WordPress instruction manual is essential to cover more detailed points and flow into relevant sections in such a way that makes the sense. For instance, you should not begin your manual with showing your users how to publish the post, then elaborating about comment management, and then go back to showing users how to publish pages.

Divide the Fundamental

Thus, it would be better for you to organize all publishing content to offer better flow.

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