Make your Client’s Life Easy with WordPress Instruction Manuals

Provide Hardcopy and Online Copy Options: You can offer your clients the option of having the manual in both hardcopy and an online copy, such as a PDF document. In fact, a hard copy can make it simple to following along while using their WordPress website on a computer, and an online copy will be a handful for clicking on links to other tutorials or resources.

Update your Manual for New WordPress Releases: Try to update your WordPress instruction manual in every few months, in order, to show the most recent WordPress version.

  1. Get a Person who Can Cross-Check Your Manual

Before finalizing your manual and start printing off its copies to your clients, you should get someone who can review your manual and check all WordPress components are covered or not. Try to get a person who has in-depth knowledge about WordPress.

wordpress instruction manual


Creating a comprehensive and user manual for clients who are unfamiliar with WordPress can feel like confusing, but by executing the task in a logical and managed manner can become a great resource for clients.

Let’s revive the seven steps again that you should keep in mind while creating a user-friendly and easy WordPress install instruction manuals:

  1. 1. Start off with an Introductory Overview
  2. Divide the Fundamental WordPress Components into Sections
  3. Include Subsections to the Main Sections
  4. You can Use a Visual Step-by-Step Procedure
  5. Back the Visuals with Descriptive Explanations
  6. Add Helpful Sections
  7. Get a Person who Can Cross-Check Your Manual

With the help of these steps, you can make your client’s life easy and allow them to understand how their WordPress website works.

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