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Street fashion: Words Of Nick Wooster

Although street fashion is the one, which has originated from the streets and not from the high class boutiques, but now it is becoming talk of the towns. Many famous celebrities are now being recognized and known as the icons of street style and fashion. Amongst all such names, Nick Wooster is one of the most loved names. Currently, he is known as the start of street fashion. Today you will know what he actually thinks, street style fashion should be followed and what actually it is.

Before we jump to the actual tips, we need to be sure what actually street fashion is: This question has been answered to understand the style and fashion of people, who are seen on the streets. Basically the fashion is not what you saw in the boutiques, but it actually what you saw on the streets with plenty of styles and shades. This trend phase has earned so much of affection and status that it has stimulated a number of the people out there to off with their street style fashion.  Although, the kind has attained a lot of repute and attention that now you could possibly see high classification gatherings and events, the place people exhibit their individuality of street trend.

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Street fashion

Here are some Amazing Tips by the guru of Street Fashion

  1. According to him, if you are in love with wearing a Rado or Rolex, but your pocket doesn’t afford it, then don’t make a mistake of buying a replica. It is better to buy a cool and trendy wrist watch of another but relatively affordable brand. Stick with original.
  2. He is in love with funky yet funny bottoms. He loves wearing a fine tailored top with a baggy and clumsy bottom.
  3. For him, playing with colors is fun, but he suggests to stay neutral with every garment that you wear and adding one accessory that is of bright color like wearing an orange pair of shoes and keeping the rest either in grey, white or navy color.
  4. When it comes to the tie, then he suggests staying simple. A thin and plain tie is the best pick. Never go with printed, wide and colorful ties.
  5. Choosing and investing on a chocolate brown colored belt that has a sterling buckle, could be very fashionable for anyone. It goes pretty good with formal pans, jeans and even with chinos.
  6. For all the youngsters, who are tall and slim, pleated pants are always a good choice. Men, with bulging hips, should never wear such pants, as they look pretty much ugly.
  7. When it is about street fashion, then it is hard to ignore the trend of wearing tattoos on different parts of the body. Nick Wooster is also one of the biggest fans. He says that the reason why he has got his entire skin covered with tattoos is that he is very fair and doesn’t want to show off his pale and white skin. So he suggests that tattoos don’t only help you hide the imperfections of your skin, but they look super cool and trendy.

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