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Tips to know before getting into Fashion Blogging

Fashion blogging has become a competitive space to mirror the growth in some of the most rapidly growing niches within digital marketing. The old adage applies that if you want to be noted in this field then you have to be offering something which the others aren’t. Readers go through tens of thousands articles in a day and all of their reads are focused on one thing. They want perspective on which article, clothing article that is, to buy the next time they visit their favorite brand’s store.  Guides, gurus, trend setters, that’s what most bloggers within the niches are regarded as, and with due measure because a lot of retail businesses and brands alike depend upon blogging to a good chunk of their marketing done. So how do you make sure that your voice stands out in this chorus? There are a few distinctions.

Differentiate your readers

This sounds obvious rather obvious but your readers aren’t typically geared to be always guided into “what’s to buy next”. They come with a host of questions. Some of these might be relevant to the pricing, some relevant to the brand’s copies sprouting about, some about the mood and occasion of a certain clothing article. Furthermore, these are just the tips of the entire iceberg, despite the plethora of topics, it becomes troublesome for bloggers because they can’t categorize their topics based on the kinds of readers they currently are facing.

The tricky bit is this that these reads can even differ by context at times, that is that they would demand something different purely based on a certain time of the year or an occasion. Whether your reader is looking for you to guide them or comment the latest trends is something you need to be particularly aware of.

Instagram works for top fashion blogs

There’s no two ways about this. When we are talking about trend setting and microblogging, Instagram has made major headway in that department. Not only can you gain access to what the celebrities, designers and anyone important is fawning over, you can discover hidden gems and basically be the first to bring word out about them. Remember the “what’s the color of this dress” fiasco? That was taken off the social media too and it sparked some enraged debates between fashion enthusiasts. Never mind what color the dress was: there were actual lamentations and breakdowns on how the dress had been constructed and what light or color combination was making the deception appear so.

Plus tips on makeup, seasonal sporting and all these casual postings can easily be collected from Instagram, that too from people who aren’t that well known but have a lot of reserve for potential. Names like Sophie and Trey and ASOS come to mind, both are strong brands but still are gradually gaining exposure. Not only do their blogs feature such content but they also get featured on blogs were presenting something which was virtually unnoticed in the mainstream stage.

The active result this gets you is exposure because you are bringing out news, people and trends that others might not know about. Though, this also scatters the readers a lot but it’s healthy diversity which is what any growing business niche needs plenty of.

Offer More Opinion

This is true regardless of what kind of a blogger you are. In fashion blogging though, your readers always look to hear your take on anything to do with fashion. Something wrong with the price? They want to hear something charged about it. A superb collection merits equally strong words- positive or negative that is really up to you. But most of all readers love it when a blogger does not hold back even if it means they are going against a major brand’s work. Many times it earns them hate comments in their comment boxes but that all in all just gets more people to read them. A little controversy is healthy in this side of the digital business neighborhood.

The opinion weapon has to be used with caution though: numbers and figures that backup what you say also impress your readers in fact they go a certain way in showing your own flexibility when dealing with incoming trends and predictions. Even though, many call this as the only writing world where numbers and logic lose their voice, they are often the deal breakers for trend shifters. The only thing to be truly watchful of is your voice. Tone it to perfection and you can easily make it stand out.


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