UI and UX Design – Which one fares better?

Now, let’s get to know about UI (User Interface) design


UI is a front line tool that allows the user/customer to interact with the product. Excellent UI plays a vital role in establishing a great user experience. As a UI designer, you’ll have to look into making the brand’s strength and its visual assets transferable to the website/application’s interface. The more intuitive the interface is, the better user experience would be garnered by the product. It is the user interface which actually guides the users across the site/app while they are busy browsing a particular product.

Integrating updated UI elements is something UI designers can’t afford to skip


It is the flawless integration of specific UI elements which allows the website/app users to access the product in utmost convenient manner. This in a way directly contributes to an outstanding user experience which pleases the customers. As a UI designer, you’ll be concerned with how the product has been laid out. You’ll be in charge of how each page of the website or app will be designed so that the UI(User Interface) will visually communicate the path that you’ve laid out. Additionally, you’ll also be responsible for creating a cohesive style guide which would ensure that a consistent design language is being applied throughout the product.

UX and UI- Which one will fit your needs?


Well, UX and UI go hand in hand when it comes to creating a brilliant website or application. If the site/app has great usability but a poor visual appearance, it will be considered as bad UI design and good UX design. On the other hand, a site/app with a poor usability and efficient visual appeal will be regarded as good UI design and bad UX design. Your website/app designing project must include a clever mix of UX and UI.

Wrapping Up

By distinguishing between UX and UI, you’ll be able to choose the right approach to web designing. Hope the above post would have allowed you to get the two terminologies clear in your mind.

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