12 Awe-Inspiring and Exclusive Home page Design

4. Jannah Hotels & Resorts

4. Jannah Hotels & Resorts

Fantastic images of Abu Dhabi and its attractions greet visitors when they open the site; these images are not just visually appealing but intensely captivating. The homepage is impressive and functional – a perfect combination that is required for a hotel site.

The best part of this site is that it offers booking options right on the homepage; this makes it easy for potential customers to make a reservation. There is also lots of whitespace that makes this page look clean and beautiful.

5. The Motley Fool

5. The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool, a multimedia financial services company, is one of the best examples of a website offering an amazing reading experience to its visitors. The designers of this site have successfully addressed the challenge of displaying huge amounts of content on the homepage. The content is displayed in a clear and easy to read format.

This crisp, clean homepage provides a simple experience to users. It provides current news right on the homepage, which is updated every hour.

6. Guide to the App Galaxy

Homepage Examples Inspiration

The Guide to the App Galaxy by Google is an HTML5 website designed to help Android app developers with every aspect of development including designing, branding, promoting and evaluating success.

It has an interesting homepage that is quite different from regular homepages. It makes users scroll up rather than down; providing the digital experience equivalent of a space launch. It’s a design that users will find a delight to use.

7. Land Rover

Homepage Examples Inspiration

Land Rover has a homepage that is soaked in popular modern design trends; it offers interactive design elements and uses the latest responsive techniques to fit the needs of every visitor.

Another great feature is having all the menu items appear along the right side as you scroll down the page. The mobile homepage includes the hamburger menu – the best way to tailor a site for smaller screens.

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