12 Awe-Inspiring and Exclusive Home page Design

8. JetBlue

8. JetBlue

The homepage of JetBlue, an American low-cost airline, can get a gold star for the elegant choice of typefaces and colors. It has a well-designed homepage that provides an excellent user experience. Once you arrive on the homepage, the first thing you notice is the JetBlue vacation packages. The flight search area including the calendar widget is aesthetically pleasing.

All the social media icons appear as you scroll down the page showing the number of followers.

9. Make Your Money Matter

Homepage Examples Inspiration

Make Your Money Matter is a movement run by local credit unions to highlight the positive social impact credit unions make. The homepage is wonderful because it takes a different approach than most. Almost every piece of information needed to deliver a message with the requisite impact can be seen on the homepage.

10. RightSignature

Homepage Examples Inspiration

Right Signature offers an easy way of getting documents signed online. The first thing you see on this page is the form that is beautifully positioned and designed for clarity. The headline on the homepage clearly describes what the service is about. Web designers have included professional testimonials right on the homepage that not only describe the benefits of the service but also gain visitor trust.

11. WorldMate

Homepage Examples Inspiration

WorldMate is an efficient app that helps users plan, book and manage their trips. The homepage is designed keeping in mind the rules of conversion design. It clearly shows what the app is about. The best feature of this homepage is the call to action which kind of explains what you can do with the ‘Learn More’ button. It also uses fixed headers making it easy for visitors to browse freely without going up or down the page to use the menu.

12. Designed to Move

Homepage Examples Inspiration

Designed to Move is a study and campaign from Nike with the aim to get the world thinking about the problem of physical inactivity in today’s youth. The design of the homepage has been kept simple and practical to clearly focus on the cause it supports. Visitors are given options to either watch a video or download the reports. The overall layout is such that people become inquisitive enough to push a button.

These 12 well-crafted Exclusive Home age Design will inspire you to come up with some extraordinary designs for your homepage that will skyrocket your conversions.

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