Top 10 Modern Credit Card Designs

Top 10 Modern Credit Card Designs

You will rarely see a person’s wallet without credit cards. Many people today have their own credit cards from different financing companies such as EMV merchant processing Cincinnati. Mostly, these people’s wallets are packed with various credit cards. Some have dull credit cards designs that are identical from the other cards, while others create an impression on the people who will see them.

There are actually two features of credit card designs that will let a card to be noticeable from all the others. These are the composition and appearance. To make a unique appearance, manufacturers of credit cards collaborated with card designers and issuers. As said by Megan Anthony Bogard, one of the major trends is the metal exterior because it provides the card user an apparent price point.

Other aspects that can improve the appearance of a credit card are the clear plastics, colored cores and the holograms that provide the card with a distinct appearance in its edges. Also, credit cards that contain small text get people’s attention to the logo and name on it.

The other feature on the appearance of a credit card that many clients notice is the composition. Metal cards are considered to be the most preferred because of its solidity and weight.

Below are the top 10 modern designs for credit cards:

  1. Amex EveryDay


This newly remodeled credit card is made of clear plastic and has a big hologram in the middle. Also, it does not hurt that it is promoted with advertisements that feature the comedian and actress Tina Fey.  Amex EveryDay has no yearly fee on its standard credit card, but charges $95 on its EveryDay Preferred edition.

2. Chase Palladium

Chase Slate

This Chase Palladium is being exclusively offered to Chase’s private banking clients. The credit cards if made from a pure metal with a mark of the uncommon and pricey element called Palladium which is presently traded at around $750 or more per ounce. Since the card is a pure metal, it is stiff and heavy. Chase charges an annual fee of $595 for the Palladium card.

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  • Inspirational designs. In my country we don’t have such designs, in fact we don’t even have “DESIGNS” Because our credit cards are simple and plain with a single color or cascaded shades (some companies)… BTW nice share

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