Top 10 Modern Credit Card Designs

3. American Express Centurion

Credit cards are the focus of a risky new game dubbed "credit-cardroulette."

This credit card is believed to be made of titanium, a very strong material but it is lightweight. While American Express doesn’t publicly reveal more about the Centurion card, it has been said that holders of this card should pay an initiation fee of $7,500 and an annual fee of $2,500 in each succeeding year.

4. Chase Slate


This is famous for being the only credit card without balance transfer charges for its zero percent APR introductory financing offers. However, compared to other competitive cards in the market, chase Slate offers a very unique style. The card’s face is vertically laid out, with the name of the cardholder on it, while at back is the credit card number. Chase does not charge an annual fee for Slate.

5.Visa Black

visa signature

This is made of stainless steel with a back carbon that offers a unique look regardless of which side of the card you look at. It has an annual fee of $495 but it gives its customers with a complimentary luxury gift.

6. Chase Sapphire Preferred

Chase Sapphire

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  • Inspirational designs. In my country we don’t have such designs, in fact we don’t even have “DESIGNS” Because our credit cards are simple and plain with a single color or cascaded shades (some companies)… BTW nice share

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