Top 10 Modern Credit Card Designs

The exterior of this card is a plastic that squeezes in the metal core, which offers it the feel and weight of a metal-made card, but at a tiny proportion of the cost. Also, it features a striking, navy blue numerical pattern on the card’s face. This card has an annual fee of $95 which is normally waived on the first year.

7.Discover It


Though this credit card is made from the standard plastic, it has a plaint, metallic textured look which is in fact quite attractive. In addition, the edges of the card are orange. Discover it does not charge an annual fee.

8. American Express Butterfly


This is a unique credit card of American Express as it folds into half and is enclosed in a stylish looking keychain. To use this card, you simply have to pull the half out using a magnetic swipe strip or simply remove it from the case reveal its full size. Butterfly is, however, available for Gold card members.

9. Chase Battlestar Galactica

chase Palladium

This is a flaming red, with an outer space theme card and it has an imprinted tagline that will indentify the holder as a member of the Galactica Fleet. This credit card is designed to lure the aficionados of the two seasons old Sci-Fi film Battlestar Galactica.

10. Chocolate Visa


This is a beautifully designed card for Epos Int’l and is surely the most mouth watering credit card ever designed.

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  • Inspirational designs. In my country we don’t have such designs, in fact we don’t even have “DESIGNS” Because our credit cards are simple and plain with a single color or cascaded shades (some companies)… BTW nice share

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